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Paradise Trends

May 28, 2015

A beautiful spread in June's edition of Adore Magazine, featuring our Lazy Days Clutch in Natural on their Product Trends page. M xx

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Total Studio Cleanse Out

February 20, 2015

Life has been crazy these past few months - some of you may have noticed I quietened down a little on the social media front. A lot has been happening both in the world of Knots & Knits and in the world of Megan. Needless to say, I am now feeling more creative than ever, my mind is starting to explode with new ideas and directions that I know you guys will love!  So, the result of this mind explosion? First things first, a total studio re-arrange and re-cleanse... which means another sample clearout!! I am in much need of a totally fresh palette, so I've put heaps of samples and old stock online - check it all out here. ...

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The Left Over Space House

February 09, 2015

From the moment I saw this house (in this months Vogue Living) I was amazed. I kept coming back to it. I marked the page with a post it and have lost count how many times I have looked over it.  The thing that got me? It was designed over 11 years ago and is still so chic and modern.  The house is in Paddington, Brisbane and was bought by 2 architects who had only just graduated from studying 6 months previously. It was a run down shack on a long thin block of land perched on the side of a steep slope. Not deterred, they crafted up a design in 2 weeks and over the next 11 years created their...

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Lower Spectrum - A Secret Worth Sharing

November 03, 2014

I am always on the hunt for good music to keep me inspired and in the zone while I work. So from the very first time I heard the deep and melodic sounds of underground Perth artist, Lower Spectrum, I was like "...what IS that!?" I headed straight to soundcloud and have not stopped listening since.  As much as I would love to keep him my little secret, he is too good not to share!! Do yourself a favour - plug in your best headphones or speakers and turn it up super loud. It is the only way to totally immerse yourself in the atmospheric and cinematic surround sounds this guy is pioneering. Start your day right.  Follow him on Soundcloud,...

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Summer Rope Bags

October 09, 2014

  As Summer draws closer and the thought of sandy feet, salty hair and no make up lingers, I've been feeling inspired to pare the Knots and Knits bags right back to their most beautiful and natural form. So after much time of weaving together what I consider, one of our more sophisticated and earthy palettes, I am super excited to share; Dreamy Solstice.  I wanted to design a collection that was timeless, effortlessly stylish and can be worn casually or dressed up, taking you from daytime to a balmy evening. As a result it is a clever and chic mix of natural cottons, crisp whites and soft greys with a hint of wood textures.

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Daria's Apartment

September 02, 2014

Years ago, when I was in my first year of studying fashion (a time when Gemma Ward and Daria Werbowy were on every Vogue cover, John Galliano was God and Alexander McQueen the one to watch), Vogue had a feature on Daria's apartment in New York. I think it was 2005 and the apartment was so rustically modern - it epitomised that "industrial New York loft" style that was cutting edge at the time. Her wardrobe, in particular, was amazing...  "I'm a jean collector, but lost count after 60 pairs. I still have one pair from high school. I love fashion and expressing myself through it, but I take it with a grain of salt and laugh at it." Daria Werbowy When the feature...

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Going Slow & Steady

August 12, 2014

I found this quote by Chris Gelinas (a fresh young fashion designer in NY) in a BOF article on reddit recently. The article is called "For Chris Gelinas, Going Slow Keeps Him Steady". The quote struck me straight away, because despite a lot of outside influences, I am constantly making decisions based on long term goals - going slow and steady, rather than fast and dangerously rocky.   "We don't aspire to some rapid upward trajectory". These words have left an echo of reinforcement in my ear. For me, the Knots & Knits brand is fiercely about integrity, originality and creativity. Just one of the many decisions I've made to ensure a long term sense of pride and quality is that we...

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The Japanese Potter

August 09, 2014

So last week was my birthday, it came and went pretty quickly and quietly (how very un-Leo of me), but amoungst the celebrations I was given an invite to a Japanese pottery workshop from a good friend. With little knowledge or expectations of the pottery world, let alone the Japanese one, I went along with a totally open and curious mind - only to be totally mind blown. Meet, Tetsuya Otani, possibly the most amazing, humble and brilliant ceramic artist I've ever come across (okay, so I havn't come across many, but still...). The first half of the workshop we met his wife Momoko (also a tremendous potter) who showed us photo's of their house and studio in Shigaraki, Japan...

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The Perfect Market Bag

July 16, 2014

Back when I was first designing the now eponymous "rope slouch bag", I always envisioned the bag slouched over the shoulder as the wearer wandered dreamily through bustling markets filled with chaos, music and food stalls. Two years on and the slouch has evolved from its initial design (the Bangalow Slouch) into another 5 variations, each one slightly different from the next and all using a myriad of materials and colours. So, I was humbled to see local Brisbane babe, Brooke McKone from Wander-full blog, showing us how it's done in her Bombay Roping Slouch in Natural over the weekend. I would love to see your Knots & Knits at the markets, so feel free to send along pics or tag us in...

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Ideas Are Alive

July 03, 2014

A thought provoking and inspirational video I just had to share with you guys about creativity, idea sex and the utopian fututre ahead of us. I just discovered Jason and cannot wait to follow him more - his philosophies about life and his energy is without a doubt infectious and has left me feeling limitless... "Art is transcendent. I define transcendence as when the sum of the parts adds up to more than the parts. You know, you put materials together in a certain way and the result exceeds those materials. Music and art and language is so transcendent... that's my version of spirituality." Jason Silva I hope you enjoy! Megan x

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Leather Clutch Insert

June 24, 2014

Anything that withstands the test of time, whether through quality or design is a huge source of inspiration for me. It's the driving force behind my design ethos. So recently, when I found myself needing something small to hold my cards and cash inside my K&K clutches, I was immediately drawn to two things; menswear accoutrements + leather. I've always loved the simplicity behind mens wallets rather than carrying around a huge chunky wallet (as we women tend to do) and I've been dying to work with leather for some time now. So I was super excited to put the two together and create possibly the most handy organiser you will ever come across!  The new Leather Essential Clutch Insert...

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YSL x Moss

June 13, 2014

There are only but a few pioneer designers, labels or models I am continually inspired by and am in constant awe of - Tom Ford, Hedi Slimane, YSL, John Galliano (when is he coming back?!), Moss, Sasha, Abbey Lee, Daria and Gemma Ward - just to name a few! So when I was recently digging through the archives and came across an old YSL Summer 2008 campaign with Kate Moss, I was incredibly humbled by how timeless the collection still is over 6 years later (however, a little sad that these pieces are no longer available!). It is the work of two of the best (with a nod to Stefano Pilati the Creative Director of YSL at the time), so...

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The Little Black Clutch

June 11, 2014

Club Sept Mini - Black Having a when-in-doubt outfit that always works no matter what the event or the time of day, is just smart dressing. We all have them; that never-fail pair of jeans, your basic grey marle or white tee, that simple cut mid length dress or black strappy heels. So, in respect to these old friends and wardrobe staples, we have created a handful of chic and elegant black accoutrements to add to your timeless collection of go-to outfits. Check them all out here... Enjoy! Megan x New Horizon Woven Clutch - Black & Papaya Lazy Days Clutch - Black

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Brisbane's Finest

June 10, 2014

Brisbane may have been described as "a sleepy little town" in the past - but those days are well and truly over. I am always proudly preaching the amount of talent bursting throughout the Brisbane scene... and now local blog, Brisbane Threads, has reinforced my boasting with a detailed list of 15 of Brisbane's finest bag, shoes and jewellery designers putting Brissie on the map -  with of course a slight tip of the hat to Knots & Knits...  Thanks Brisbane Threads! Megan x

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What Do You Believe?

May 22, 2014

A couple of years ago, over a balmy New Years Eve afternoon, I was lining up at a vegan food stall at Woodford - my favourite folk festival. While patiently waiting and listening to the bongo drums off in the distance, I noticed a flyer right beside me. It caught my eye with the title "What You Believe.." I picked it up, read the article and was left totally flabbergasted. This is what it said:  "I got into a conversation with an older man who I could totally relate to. "I believe in anarchy and changing the world, and not just settling for what society has for me," I told him. "I believe that everything is God. You know,...

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Giftrap Interview

May 14, 2014

A lovely interview I did for Australian magazine, Giftrap. Article by Charlotte Long. Enjoy! Megan xx

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Sharing The Love

April 28, 2014

Every so often, I receive wonderfully kind feedback from you guys about your new bag or being generally inspired to create and push the boundaries. I love hearing this and am always so chuffed to hear how much someone loves their new bag and how the experience was from the other side. Over the past two weeks, I've been working with a customer to ensure she receives the bag she wants. Through emails back and forth, the concept was clear and I made the bag and sent it off last week. This was the email I received the day her new bag arrived: Hi Megan, W.O.W. I received my clutch yesterday and I am in love!!!! Thank you so much...

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Meeting Kate and Wills

April 22, 2014

Wow! What a day! On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend a private luncheon with the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate & Prince William. Along with 200 other Brisbane folks, we took in the stunning views from the Sky Room at Southbank and welcomed the Royal couple to Brisbane. My day began with meeting up with photographer Natalie Rap and actor Pacharo Mzembe, who was invited by the Governor-General Quentin Bryce herself, for his recent play work as Martin Luther King and huge amounts of charity work - including running from Perth to Adelaide to raise money for youth! While waiting for Natalie and Pacharo, I met Cate Campbell, the Olymic Gold Medal Swimming Champion on her way...

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Illustrator Inspiration

April 11, 2014

Kenzo - by Josie Hall Recently I was lucky enough to chat to someone I personally find a brilliant source of fashion illustration influence - Josie Hall. I discovered Josie earlier this year through SHOWStudio - an online fashion inspiration corner run by the brilliant photographer, Nick Knight. It has tonnes of fashion content and thankfully, the day I found it they were featuring some of Josie's killer illustrations. Immediately draw in ('scuse the pun), I followed the links and soon discovered there is more to this girl than just her illustrations. London and (part-time) New York based, her drawings are amazing, featuring all the top designers including Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Givenchy, Celine - the list goes...

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Doing Their Bit

March 10, 2014

Have you ever looked at volunteers or aid workers and then thought to yourself, "I should really do my bit to help contribute to this world...but wait, what is my bit?" I know I have... a lot actually. While I have an inner knowing "my bit" has something to do with inspiring and spreading creativity, I was entirely captivated by a recent fashion initiative group I found out about doing it their way. A few weeks ago Karen Walker (aka New Zealand fashion pioneer...) released the news that herself and her team have been working with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative to create work in small communities of Kenya - specifically the micro-artisans living in urban slums and disadvantaged...

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Dynamic Business

February 28, 2014

Here at Knots & Knits head quarters, it is not all crafternoons and cups of tea. Yes, it's hard to believe (and okay, yes, there are a lot of cups of tea), but an average day has me splitting my time between conjuring up new designs and running the business. Over the past two years, I have been asked innumerably "How's things going, still busy?". To which I reply "Always". I've put it down to one factor - in these times, where the internet dominates and the world is changing at a rapid pace, there is no one set business structure that can be built and used day in and day out. I find I must constantly evolve and grow...

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Sing Your Own Song

January 30, 2014

"And if you do something you don't like, often keep going. If you only do the thing that you like then you keep stopping at the same place - you never keep going beyond that"  Kerry Thompson I think the hardest thing in running a business based on pure creativity is exactly that, finding the balance between business and creativity - and not overcompensating in either area. It is something I am forever refining and adapting new strategies to maintain a healthy balance. I am a big believer in synchronicity and one night over the Christmas break, I was flicking through the tv and stumbled across an art show on a local Brisbane station. I was drawn to watch it...

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Beach Cloud

January 30, 2014

Over the past 2 years I've come to realise that each bag I make, is meant for someone. That it doesn't matter if something I design doesn't resonate with everyone, because the person that does fall in love with it, is who it is meant for. One of my favourite Aussie bloggers Megan from Megan & Melbourne, contacted me a few weeks back to quickly snatch up a one-off design I had just finished - the Equinox Slouch in a new grey marle inspired Cloud rope. I adjusted the strap length to suit Megan and off it went to Melbourne. Megan has been one of my biggest supporters from almost day one and she understands the Knots & Knits message...

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Field Of Theory

January 22, 2014

A few months back I stumbled across the instagram of beautiful Perth based artist Sara Winfield. I instantly fell in love with her art and started to follow her work. So, I was both surprised and chuffed when she recently asked me to lend her some of my bags for her upcoming photo shoot to debut her new swimwear label, Field of Theory. Not all went to plan in terms of getting the bags to Sara on time, but she was so kind and understanding and in the end still got a few shots in with them. Below is a sneak peak of the Bombay Slouch in Natural on her shoot.  Check out Sara's instagram here. Megan x

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A Shift in Fashion Photography

January 20, 2014

A good friend of mine, Sarah, sent me this video of Nick Knight talking about the future of fashion media in photography and film. A good few thought provoking minutes worth taking a peek at. "Fashion is probably the most basic form we have of self expression".  Megan x 

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January 05, 2014

2014.  Let's the start this year  H A P P Y .  Love to you all! Megan  x  

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Hats With Soul

December 10, 2013

Recently I stumbled across an article on an LA website featuring a local hat maker Nick Fouquet. I have such a deep and humbling respect for beautiful, hand made products and even more so for the artisan behind them. Making every hat by hand in his studio, they have so much charm you can see both the dapper and the chic wearing a one proudly. There is something about the energy of Nick's work that is so appealing and honest. The hats in themselves have that effortlessly stylish appeal about them and of course, it's so refreshing to see such appreciation for the hand made.  Enjoy! Megan x

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The Future of Brands

November 25, 2013

In the current financial state of the world, with the price of goods and services getting higher and big business starting to dominate, you have to question what is the future for the smaller guys - the local businesses that actually have something unique to offer - how do they stand a chance? Well, in August this year upon release of the Nautica range, I made - what felt like at the time - a risky decision to cut the outdated and traditional wholesale/retail pricing structure all together. This meant, I no longer offered a wholesale price to retailers and instead began to offer the best and lowest price I could to you, my long standing customers. I quickly announced...

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Gift Cards

November 22, 2013

I think it is fair to say you have the right to ask where on earth I have been the past few weeks. And yes, you're right, I have been completely absent on the blog front. But! I have been working super hard on so many new designs and website features leading up to Christmas - I am sure you will forgive me when you feast your eyes upon them. So, first up; I am very excited to offer our very first Knots & Knits Gift Cards! And just in the knick of time before Christmas - phew! One thing I love about the Knots & Knits community, is the broad range of customers, from young and old, urban and rural...

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New Weaving Clutch

October 30, 2013

It is one of my deepest beliefs, that we should always be pushing the boundaries of design, or whichever industry you are in, going further than what is already in existence. For me, this means looking no further than myself, rather than external sources, and just creating what comes - what I love. I once read an interview between the Olsen twins and jeweller Robert Lee Moriss, where he describes this key ingredient, "Put personality into every twist, every curl. And that becomes the personality you leave behind. And I have found that to me, that's the most important part of my career. Make sure that everything I do comes from that place of pure Robert Lee Morriss-ness. That's the beacon...

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An Interview

October 22, 2013

Chatting all things Knots & Knits, is a recent interview I did for the gorgeous girls from Sydney Blonde. Check it out here! Enjoy! Megan x

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Pucci S12 RTW - AKA - Gypsy Sex-pot Collection

October 15, 2013

I've been wanting to do this blog post for some time now, however words have failed me every time I have thought about how to express my growing love for this "archival" Pucci collection. (By archival, I mean it was released two years ago, which is six-eight seasons in fashion years). I've been trying to figure out what it is that makes me love this collection more and more as time passes. I've put it down to one simple notion; balance. The longer I work in design, the more I've come to appreciate that creating obscure colour and print combinations that push the boundaries and yet retain perfect balance, is not only the work of a genius, it is a...

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That Famous Zig Zag

September 25, 2013

As I grow older I've realised that what I once thought "epitomized" who I was as a person, was really just a reflection of who I was at that stage of my life. And as I begin to just embrace the person I am becoming, those old loves and obsessions no longer fit who I am anymore. One of these things is letting go of old hero's, and adopting new ones.  Like, Missoni. I've somewhat followed the label for years now, but only recently have I really begun to appreciate how beautiful the brand is and relate to it's beliefs. Aside from the obvious admiration of brightly coloured textured knitwear, I also love that they've kept the business completely family orientated with...

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Slow Fashion

September 09, 2013

"To fashion lovers, the slow movement may sound like kind of a party pooper (I mean who doesn’t like to buy lots and lots of new stuff?) but actually it’s quite the opposite. It’s not about shunning fashion or clothing, it’s about valuing it on a deeper level." Fashionista A hundred years ago, clothes were made by hand. They were made to fit and were appreciated - along with the time and meticulous hand work gone into making them. And do you know what? We can still find and wear these clothes today, as vintage pieces, because the quality of these hand made items has withstood the test of time. Fast forward to today, where the few top bespoke crafters left...

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From Brisbane to Melbourne

August 27, 2013

A little bit of Knots & Knits love! At the top Brissie gal, Jasmine Dowling, is Spring ready in florals and the Neon Citrus Moonglow Clutch, and below the ever lovely, Melissa Findley from Melbourne, freely shows off her Black Ebb & Flow Slouch! Beautiful! Megan x x

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Our Handmade Labels

August 22, 2013

Today, I sat down to make our swing tags. I've been personally hand making these since day one, and while they take some time and consideration, I think this added touch stands true to our core belief; of high quality, hand made products. I would like to start sharing more of the meticulous and time consuming processes that go into the making of our designs. I strongly believe in products that are personal, withstand time and trends, and are filled with good energy exchanged from the hands of the maker to yours. I hope you enjoy! Megan x x

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Interview by Moda Creative

August 15, 2013

  Earlier in the year, I caught up with the ever lovely girls at Moda Creative, to chat about how Knots & Knits got started, my time overseas, niche markets, brand recognition and of course where the brand is heading. I had a ball filming the video alongside being interviewed by the gorgeous Kirsten Morrison. I hope you enjoy!  Megan x x

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Alex x Oracle Fox

August 13, 2013

Meet Alex. A girl who I met - in what feels like - a lifetime ago. She is an absolute angel of a being. Down to earth, super kind, generous and always happy. Yet, put this girl behind a lense, and out come those unmistakable fierce eyes and looks of steele. Back, last year, when it came time to shoot our S13 Light & Shade collection, without question, I jumped on the phone to Alex straight away. However, it's not easy to tie down a model with those eyes - and weeks before the shoot, she got a call from her agent to say she is off to model in Greece for a month! So it didn't surprise me when...

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It's Here.

August 09, 2013

If you missed the news yesterday, we announced the first drop of our new AW13 Nautica range. This season, we wanted to stress how much we pride ourselves on the highest quality, hand crafted, made-to-order products. We listened to your feedback and, have produced the most light weight and affordable collection to date. To do this, we tirelessly sourced the best quality materials from Australia and around the world. Because of our new suppliers and a change in our pricing structure, we can now share these new reduced prices with you. We hope you love and enjoy! Megan x x

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Sasha + Hedi

August 07, 2013

Sasha + Hedi; what a match. The 2014 campaign shoot for Saint Laurent, features Russian model Sasha Pivovarova and shot by the one and only, Hedi Slimane. And of course, it's so Hedi Slimane with it's incredible black and white moodiness and light and shade contrasts. Who is Hedi Slimane you say? Go here immediately to get yourself in the know. He pioneered the modern day men's silhouette back in the early 2000's during his time at Dior Homme - (re)inventing the ultra skinny jean, super tight cropped tailored leather jackets with large shoulders, grunge boys and effortless style. And he is also a brilliant photographer in his own right. So that's Hedi. Meanwhile, Sasha has made the smoothest transition back...

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Making The Cut

August 01, 2013

Wow! You can imagine my surprise when I received a message from Kirsten Morrison to check out the latest post from Lalabazaar - we were on Brisbane's "It Girl" list! Although it features an archival photo of moi, I am super chuffed none the less - and as Kirsten said - we are in very good company! Cute article here.  

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Rag & Bone Studio Love

July 31, 2013

Mid last year, a friend caught sight of a peak inside American label Rag & Bone's studio on She immediately shared it with me, knowing it would be love at first site. Honestly, if I could have a studio warehouse in New York's Meatpacking District, this would be it. I love how they perfectly show off their rugged industrial yet oh-so-chic style that seems to appeal to both men and women. It is a hard niche to fill, but they have rightly claimed it. An example of this is in their latest FW13 Campaign featuring French Actress Lea Seydoux and Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire and face for Emporio Armani). Enjoy! Megan x x  

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Canadian Love

July 30, 2013

Recently I was asked to do an interview for Toronto print and online magazine Zeum. We chatted about how Knots & Knits came about, my longstanding interest in fashion, inspirations and the big plans ahead. Check out the full interview here.  Megan x x

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Jasmine Does Moonglow

July 23, 2013

LOVE this gorgeous shoot of Brissie designer and blogger Jasmine Dowling, wearing the original Knots & Knits Moonglow Clutch. I has that beautiful Brisbane wintery feel! For those of you who don't know Brisbane Winters, it is much the same as Summer, but with a jacket, and maybe a scarf. Jasmine has nailed it by throwing on her biker jacket over a few light layers with a pop of colour! Megan x

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Gone Fruity

July 23, 2013

  In case you missed it, last week I made my first round of home wares; fruit bowls!! I think I can blame Pinterest for my recent love affair with all things interiors and home decorating. I feel this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful journey into other avenues for Knots & Knits! I hope you love! Megan x 

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Chelsea Girl

July 22, 2013

Absolutely in love with this latest editorial "Chelsea Girl" featuring Cat McNeil for August 2013, Paris Vogue. I love Cat. After taking a few years off modelling, she made the most powerful comeback at the Fall/Winter 2013 collections, with a phenomenal 42 show tally, including; Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.Oh, and she's a Brissie girl. In this shoot, photographers Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer perfectly capture Cat's androgynous charisma - throwing on some mens slacks but looking fiercely feminine. Cat also came straight back into the game in the Prada and Donna Karen Fall/Winter 2013 Campaigns. Check out the Prada campaign below:  Enjoy! Megan x  

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Clearing Space

July 10, 2013

We have been super busy knitting and knotting away on the new range, which means we need more space for all these new goodies piling up! The result? Sample Clearout! Better be quick, only a few left now!  Enjoy! Megan x x

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A Tribute

July 05, 2013

CHRISTY TURLINGTON // BY ARTHUR ELGORT // 1987 VOGUE UK COVER 1990 // BY PETER LINDBERGHRead all about this cover here VOGUE ITALY 1991 // THE PANT SUIT // CHRISTY TURLINGTON, LINDA EVANGELISTA, NAOMI CAMPBELL // BY PETER LINDBERGHRead all about the pant suit here.VERSACE // 1990's VOGUE ITALY 1990 // LINDA EVANGELISTA // BY STEVEN MEISELVOGUE 1990 // CHRISTY TURLINGTON & LINDA EVANGELISTAKATE MOSS // 1990'S CHRISTY TURLINGTONVOGUE 1992 // CINDY CRAWFORD & RICHARD GERE // BY HERB RITTS LINDA, CHRISTY & NAOMI After turning the last page on Grace Coddington's book, Grace: A Memoir, I found I was still wondering and mulling over some of, what Grace describes, as the key turning points in fashion over the past half century. One...

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Good Design Never Gets Old

July 02, 2013

I have recently found myself referring back to one of Roberto Cavalli's most (in my opinion) exceptional collections. His Spring/Summer '11 RTW Collection celebrated his 40th anniversary in business, bringing all things jungle chic to the stage. The whole thing was presented in a tented greenhouse which was filled with giant and exotic flowers while model's walked down a faux-suede covered catwalk all under Napoleon's Arco Della Pace in Milan. It was designed in 2009 and showcased in 2010, making it more then 4 years old - and it still inspires me today. Cavalli showed off his usual impeccable ability to print highly detailed textures on silks. The array of python prints look convincingly real and yet printed on silk floor length dresses, flows so...

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Thank You

June 24, 2013

I always keep an accurate record of all the bags I've made over the seasons. It helps me to know which ones you guys are loving the most, and see how each season is faring. Well, I have just reached over 450 in total since I started Knots & Knits just over a year ago. I am so chuffed to know there is over 450 of my creations out there on such beautiful women! So, I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you guys - the Knots & Knits family - for your ongoing support and belief in my vision for beautiful knitwear, that can be worn all year round on every body type for...

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